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EMS helping connect friends and family at this busy time

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Algeria's EMS Champion end-of-year EMS promotion
Algeria's EMS Champion end-of-year EMS promotions

This time of year is special for many people around the world. Seasonal celebrations and annual shopping events mean that customers all over the world are reliant on the EMS network to deliver their items.

Algeria Post’s popular end-of-year EMS promotion is typical of the type of support that many EMS operators offer to customers at this time of year. It’s a time when there is demand to send parcels to loved ones abroad, so Algeria Post’s EMS Champion end-of-year promotion offers savings of up to 30% on express delivery worldwide. The end-of-year promotion is available in hundreds of convenient locations offering customers an easy, fast and reliable way to send gifts internationally. This year, to further assist customers EMS Champion has introduced from 1-20 December, free-of-charge returns for online purchases.

Many EMS operators offer seasonal promotions to support customers and prepare for this peak time by employing additional staff and offering more frequent and convenient delivery solutions. The demand for EMS shows no sign of slowing down. Added to the extra deliveries needed to get items to customers on time for seasonal celebrations, are the e-commerce deliveries generated by annual shopping events. The season started in 11 November with a record breaking ‘Singles Day’, quickly followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The challenge is to get these goods delivered rapidly to customers around the world. Algeria Post’s end-of-year promotions are one of many ways that EMS operators are helping their customers. The EMS network of over 190 countries is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers at this time of year.