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'EMS Supply chain: driven by EAD' Cairo event

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Cairo EAD workshop

An EMS EAD workshop in Cairo during February kick-started a series of regional events to improve the EMS supply chain.

Electronic Advance Data (EAD) can speed up the clearance of postal items by reducing customs processing delays and so can improve EMS service performance and the customer experience. ITMATT, a standardized electronic UPU message containing all information on a postal item, is key to the implementation of EAD and mandatory for EMS operators when requested by destination customs or post.

To assist English-speaking members from the Africa and Arab region, an 'EMS Supply Chain: driven by EAD Workshop' took place from 12 to 14 February. Twenty-five participants from 13 member posts were provided with the tools and capacity building needed to implement ITMATT, which is one of the prerequisites for EMS annual performance awards. The event also supported members with practical help on improving supply chain performance and updates on the EMS Cooperative requirements for enhanced transport and customs performance.

EAD is becoming more and more relevant as many postal operators are making it mandatory for all their inbound items. Due to its importance, the Cairo training was the start of a series of events on EAD which will be held in all regions during 2019, co-sponsored by USPS and Le Groupe La Poste. 

The next three EMS EAD workshops will take place in March for EMS operators from the Asia Pacific region in Melbourne, Australia (5-7); French speaking Africa/Arab regions in Yaoundé, Cameroon (12-14); and Europe/Latin America regions in Lisbon, Portugal (20-22).