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Electronic advance data is mandatory now

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EMS Workshop 2021 - Zoom participants
Participants at the EMS Workshop 2021

Electronic Advance Data (EAD) improves security, reduces delays and provides customers with a better international service. From 2021, postal operators sending items internationally must transmit Electronic Advance Data (EAD).

For years EMS operators have been preparing for EAD and the majority of operators have already started EAD transmission. However, as more countries introduce new data-protection legislation, operators need to ensure that they transmit EAD and that they are compliant with the latest international regulations. EAD must be sent to be compliant with UPU Convention Regulations Article 08-002 which require all items containing goods to have EAD.  

In this changing digital landscape, the EMS Cooperative organized a global workshop to provide EMS members with the latest information on international EAD requirements and to help those members still in the process of implementing EAD. EMS Cooperative Board Chair, Patrick Richard opened the event, explaining that the workshop was moved to early in 2021 to ensure that EAD adoption is a priority for all EMS Cooperative members.

The online workshop provided members with presentations from UPU experts on Customs’ regulatory and business requirements, as well as support on ITMATT messages, the standardized UPU message an electronic version of the CN 23 EMS label. The day highlighted the support available to members including the tools available to report and monitor performance.

The workshop showed that data capture is an enriching experience for both customers and postal employees. Examples of best practice included a presentation from China Post on the implementation of data compliance and how data compliance has been improved. The Cayman Islands shared how they introduced one of the support tools available, the PTC’s Customs Declaration System (CDS) and how this has made the customer experience more convenient as the mobile app allows customers to prepare their items in advance.

Abdel Ilah Bousseta, the UPU’s Director of Postal Operations, used the opportunity to remind all EMS Cooperative members that now is the time to implement EAD and that still four in 10 EMS items do not have EAD. EMS is a pioneer in many postal business areas and so there is confidence that all EMS operators can meet the new EAD requirements and bring the benefits to customers.

All EMS Cooperative members can access the presentations and videos from the day on the EAD global workshop page. Please visit the EAD page or contact your EMS Regional Coordinator if you need further information.