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Creative transport solutions help EMS Vietnam's volume growth

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The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting supply-chains worldwide.

For many EMS operators this has led to steep declines in volumes but EMS Vietnam has not only kept their international supply chain open, it has reported a 20.8% volume growth up to July 2020 compared the same period last year and its delivery performance remains high.

These impressive results are because of the way that EMS Vietnam has adapted and harnessed alternative transport methods. This rapid response ensured that the citizens of Viet Nam could continue to send and receive international EMS throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Re-thinking transport options

The challenge was to find ways of sending EMS internationally from Viet Nam as the usual transport channels were severely disrupted or in some cases, not open. One option that EMS Vietnam adapted early on was to send EMS dispatches by cargo flights. To do this it initiated the use of Master airway bill transport documentation alongside the usual EMS labels. Initially this was introduced with a key trade lane partner, Japan and later rolled out on multiple routes including Canada, Korea (Rep.), UK and the USA.

As flights were often not operating, EMS Vietnam looked at alternative routes and transport methods. During the COVID-19 outbreak, to maintain trade with China, a key trade lane partner, EMS Vietnam started to move EMS by road with China Post through the Lang Son Border Gate.

All EMS operators have faced business challenges because of restrictions due to COVID-19 but EMS Vietnam is a perfect example of how to react quickly, make changes and so keep EMS moving during this period of uncertainty. 

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