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Close global cooperation helping EMS growth in Macao

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EMS Macao postal workers

Close global cooperation has always been key to EMS success, even more so in 2020 as operators work to maintain international EMS services during the COVID-19 pandemic. For CTT Macao close cooperation with international partners has allowed its service to recover rapidly and even grow its international EMS service. CTT Macao’s export growth up to August 2020 reached 110% (compared to the same period last year).

This growth has been possible as customers in Macao recognize the commitment to safety, excellent service and value for money offered by CTT Macao. The operator has not increased its prices since 2006 and, in contrast to many private delivery companies, CTT Macao has not included pandemic surcharges for its EMS service.

CTT Macao’s first priority was to pay meticulous attention to ensure the safety of both customers and staff. It responded rapidly to medical advice providing staff with personal protective gear; introducing rotas for delivery staff and home working for others. For customers, it limited face-to-face contact and introduced new pick up points. In a remarkable team effort, all postal services resumed in less than a month.

Keeping international mail routes open was vital. By working closely with its EMS partners, CTT Macao was able to keep mail flowing. With the assistance of China Post and Hongkong Post, CTT Macao was able to maintain the basic transport routes for some key destinations such as Australia, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Portugal, and the USA.

There was an urgent need to ensure that epidemic prevention products could be sent internationally and CTT Macao prioritized EMS containing items such as surgical masks. CTT Macao worked closely with its partner Hongkong Post, highlighting EMS items which contained masks, in order to facilitate these deliveries during the pandemic. Air flight luggage capacities were increased and charter flights for some destinations were arranged in order to clear the backlog during the peak. Another partner, China Post, also provided support to speed up customs clearance.

CTT Macao continues to provide an excellent EMS service not just for its own customers but for its EMS partners worldwide. By fulfilling its EMS service obligation to deliver items by the quickest available routes, CTT Macao provides an EMS service which the public in Macao rely on more than ever during this global pandemic.