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China's e-commerce growth exporting EMS to the world

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China Postal airlines
China Postal airlines

The overall market size of the cross-border e-commerce market in China is estimated to reach 8,800 billion RMB. In this huge market, the outlook for EMS in China is very strong. 

China Post provides overseas Chinese customers with a reliable cross-border e-commerce service resulting in a sharp increase of 19% in outbound volume in 2017. Looking forward, a growth rate of 20% is expected to be maintained for the outbound traffic. 

China Post is working with other EMS members to further develop growth through e-commerce to partner markets. One strategy is to provide unique, preferentially lower and reciprocal rates to attract more low-weight cross-border e-commerce traffic. International e-EMS is a hybrid product designed and developed in cooperation with some partners, positioned to bridge the gap between low-weight packets and high-weight merchandise in the market. The product's preferential prices and reliable speed has attracted price-sensitive customers and is a good solution for major online e-commerce platforms.  

Speed is important to customers so China has been working to improve its end-to-end performance. Projects include focussing on electronic pre-advice messages; China Post is ready and interested in exchanging ITMATT messages with other partners for both inbound and outbound traffic to help speed up customs clearance times. At the same time, China Post is optimizing its transport network to improve international line haul by including more air capacity and enhancing cooperation with carriers.

These strategies and continued close cooperation with EMS partners worldwide have helped grow China Post's e-commerce exports. Through continuous improvements China Post is better serving customers and gaining even more of the e-commerce market share.