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Twinning projects: strengthening EMS in Asia Pacific

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Cambodia and Thailand
2018 Cambodia Post and Thailand Post sign EMS twinning project

Cambodia and Thailand are the latest EMS Cooperative members to commit to improving their international EMS by signing a new EMS twinning agreement. The project involves close cooperation between the two posts so that they work to develop and improve their express mail service (EMS) in this high-impact trading lane. International EMS customers in Asia Pacific will directly benefit from the exchange of good practice in staff training, expansion of technology to monitor performance and drive to improve quality of service. 

Cambodia Post and Thailand Post signed the twinning agreement in February. On-site visits are planned where quality of service managers from both Cambodia and Thailand will work to identify key project activities.The twinning partners will work closely with the EMS Cooperative throughout the project.

EMS twinning projects started in 2016. The first pilot project between China and Japan was a big success. As the two Asia Pacific operators with the highest EMS volumes, the twinning project proved to be an excellent framework to achieve EMS improvements through regular communication and sharing of ideas. The cooperation has not stopped and both China and Japan have opted to continue with the twinning cooperation after the end of the official pilot.  

Inspired by the achievements shown by the twinning pilots, more operators in Asia Pacific are planning to establish twinning relationships in 2018 and 2019. Twinning projects foster better communication allowing operators to work together on solutions to improve EMS network performance.