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Focus on EMS Pay-for-performance for Arab region and Africa

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Attendees at the EMS Pay-for-performance workshop in Cairo - February 2018
Attendees at the EMS Pay-for-performance workshop in Cairo - February 2018

EMS operators around the world are working together to meet e-commerce market demands. EMS Business Plan targets are designed to improve performance and key to this are changes introduced in EMS Pay-for-performance. 

In February, members from Africa and the Arab region took part in an EMS Pay-for-performance workshop for English speaking countries. Pan African Union, Assistant Secretary General, Mr. Kolawole Raheem Aduloju strongly encouraged the 15 participating countries to adopt EMS Pay-for-performance and build on the findings from the workshop.

During the four-day event, the 30 participants benefited from a detailed introduction to EMS Pay-for-performance and the implementation of EMSEVT V3. The meeting was kick-started with an overview of the EMS Cooperative Business Plan 2017–2020 and EMS Standards to set the context for the EMS Pay-for-performance targets. 

The timetable gave space for staff responsible for tracking implementation and quality of service monitoring to work together on a series of practical activities. Some participants committed to implement Pay-for-performance requirements and achieve EMSEVT V3 compliance.

EMS members meeting EMS Pay-for-performance targets benefit financially and in turn offer their customers increased service performance.