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Senior management from Americas share vision for EMS in 2024

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Lisbon symposium

The vision for EMS in 2024 in each region is the focus for the EMS symposiums this year. The first EMS symposium for 2019 took place in Lisbon where 19 senior managers from 12 postal operators of the Americas region met in March to discuss and agree to a shared regional vision for EMS in 2024.  

To take advantage of the fast growth of e-commerce in the Americas, these senior managers agreed that offering customers end-to-end EMS service reliability is the key to success.  Increased focus on strengthening the service provided by airlines and their ground handlers and 100% participation in EMS Pay-for-performance are important tactics that are imperative to ensuring reliability. 

Part of the growing success of these annual EMS events is the way that they bring together EMS operators around the world to share their regional expertise. Paraguay Post shared best practice in service performance; CTT Correios Portugal presented a successful marketing and communications campaign which contributed in achieving profitable EMS volume growth driven by EMS small and medium-size business sales; the Mexican Post and the United States Postal Service explained the benefits of the EMS Cooperative performance reviews held in each country during the past year; and finally Correos in Spain presented its success in improving the customer experience through more efficient customs processes.

Senior managers from the Americas left the symposium motivated to work together to deliver on the EMS promise of service excellence to their customers.