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2021: start of new EMS Cooperative Business Plan

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Online shopper

2021 marks the launch of the EMS Cooperative Business Plan 2021-2024. The new Plan builds on the work of the EMS Cooperative by defining what is required to ensure that customers receive a high-quality EMS service worldwide, at a competitive price.

Despite the challenges resulting from the impact of COVID-19, the core vision of the plan is still relevant as its focus is on EMS requirements needed to meet customer e-commerce needs.

One of the outcomes of the pandemic has been to accelerate the transition from cash transactions made in brick-and-mortar stores to purchases made on websites. Out of necessity, there has been a rapid growth of online purchasing including the increased adoption of cross-border B2C e-commerce across the globe.

In 2020, new online shoppers have looked to the Post as a trusted partner to governments worldwide providing essential service. EMS is the fastest postal product and the KPIs in the Business Plan reflect the key product features required by EMS customers today, a reliable, visible, standardized EMS service worldwide.

Now more than ever, members have shown that by working together they can meet the vision to be a global postal network providing individuals and businesses with a trusted cross-border express service. Any EMS Cooperative member that needs further assistance on the new Business Plan should to contact their EMS Regional Coordinator.