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EMS ready to meet seasonal shopping demand

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Seasonal deliveries

EMS operators have been preparing to handle peak end-of-year EMS volumes with investments in extra vehicles, delivery journeys and staff. This year there is more optimism compared to recent years as many operators are no longer facing staff shortages and issues with transport. The annual shopping events may not reach the staggering pre-pandemic volumes but they still remain important days of the year for e-commerce and for EMS. 

It is predicted that any growth will be modest as consumer behaviour continues to change and inflationary pressures are impacting on budgets. Instead of the huge peak shopping days of previous years consumers are shopping earlier to ensure they receive their items but also to spread the cost. Many brands are start offering discounts earlier to meet this demand. 

Customers are looking for value for money and will continue to take advantage of the discounts offered in the annual sales events such as Singles’ Day; Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As the market matures, the previous rapid growth has stabilised and operators are well placed to deal with the volumes and spread out shipments over a longer period. 

The end of year, is peak season for our EMS members offering high quality, cross-border EMS service for retailers, particularly those engaged in using e-commerce channels. EMS operators are working hard to get items delivered in time for seasonal holidays.

Seasons Greetings!
We wish all EMS customers and EMS members a happy and prosperous 2023.