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New video on the EMS Operational Pipeline and its scans

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EMS Operational Pipeline Video

Today’s cross border customers expect information on the progress of their item through the entire operational pipeline: from export, through to transport and final international delivery.

Electronic scans are used to mirror the physical movement of EMS items as they travel around the world. Moving an item from one country to another relies on the bringing together many different stakeholders, including transport and Customs.

It is important to understand the scans involved in the entire operational pipeline. Postal operators need to know not only the meaning of each scan but also when the scans should be used.

To help with the correct use of scans, the EMS Cooperative has launched a new video on the Operational Pipeline and its scans, free to all designated postal operators. The video shows how the precise use of scans can help provide our partners and customers an accurate picture of the entire EMS item’s journey.

All members are encouraged to share the video with their colleagues. Understanding and using the correct scans will improve reliability, help meet customer expectations.

EMS Operational Pipeline video tutorial
EMS Operational Pipeline video tutorial