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Algeria’s vision: EMS Champion as e-commerce logistics leader

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EMS Champion Post Algeria - marketing materials

Algeria Post's decision to restart their EMS Champion service in 2017 has resulted in its position today as a leader in e-commerce logistics in Algeria. The commitment by the Board of Directors to invest in EMS was inspired. By 2018, customers benefited from an award-winning customer service and 99% on-time delivery resulting in  a 23% rise in EMS revenue growth.

Key to the plan was to make the EMS brand more visible in Algeria. It began by reintroducing the EMS service in the Post Algeria network and opened ten new EMS sales offices. The refreshed EMS brand, EMS Champion Post, was displayed at customer contact points as well as on its EMS delivery fleet.

A new website was created to highlight the EMS service and provide more value-added features, such as online tracking for customers in Algeria. EMS Champion Post also developed its digital presence on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook as well as using SMS to target customers.

The vision included a drive to promote EMS to customers in Algeria and to develop e-commerce marketplace partnerships. EMS Champion Post Algeria was promoted at major trade fairs and it signed 60 new business-to-business agreements with e-commerce providers including, AliExpress and Jumia. To keep brand recognition high, customers received  promotional offers at key times throughout the year, including Ramadan and end-of-year.

The rapid improvement by EMS Champion Post Algeria has required commitment and support from the whole team. Thanks to excellent performance at all levels, EMS Champion has rapidly evolved so that today it's a major player in parcel delivery and e-commerce logistics in Algeria. EMS Champion Post has totally revitalised the EMS service and work continues to ensure it supports the needs of e-commerce customers in Algeria for many years to come.

New branding for EMS Champion Post Algeria
New branding for EMS Champion Post Algeria