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New eLearning on EMS Marketing

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EMS Marketing word cloud

As many EMS operators are looking for ways to grow their business and reconnect with customers, effective marketing is the key to the success. Operators are keen to promote the EMS brand and are working on ways to make international EMS even more competitive.

To help EMS operators develop strategies to evolve EMS Business, the EMS Cooperative has launched a new eLearning course on EMS marketing, free to all members. This new eLearning course focusses on EMS marketing and shows how Posts can maximize the potential of EMS through the delivery of an effective EMS Marketing Plan.

A mix of videos, exercises and case studies introduce learners to different aspects of EMS marketing, including the marketing mix: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. The practical advice and exercises are designed to help members focus on their own EMS service and help build knowledge that can be used to create the eLearning's end outcome - a tailored marketing Plan for their own EMS service.

The course is recommended to postal employees responsible for marketing, operations, market development and communications, among others, as a way of increasing knowledge of EMS and the importance of EMS marketing. The online marketing course is part of the EMS Cooperative’s ongoing mission to deliver training. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these online training opportunities for postal staff working with EMS.