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Bhutan’s EMS strategy enhances Gross National Happiness 

EMS Bhutan

Bhutan Post’s unique vision for its postal network is “To deliver high quality postal and related services that will enhance the well-being of the Bhutanese people, thereby making Gross National Happiness (GNH) a reality.” 
Bhutan Post has worked hard to modernize its products. In 2007 Bhutan joined the EMS Cooperative and this led to a drive to deliver a competitive international EMS service. In 2013, Bhutan joined EMS Pay-for-performance and signed a Pay-for-performance agreement with Japan. 
Continuous improvements
EMS Bhutan
Bhutan’s strategy has been to work towards the EMS Cooperative's performance improvement targets one-by-one: in 2015 Bhutan joined Multilateral EMS Pay-for-performance and reached over 90% inbound EMS customs clearance time within 24 hours. EMS Cooperative's reports show that Bhutan's EMS performance has risen 55 world places from 88th in 2014 (22nd in Asia Pacific) to 33rd in the world in the second quarter 2016 (11th in Asia Pacific).
Work to improve continues and for 2016 there is a clear set of improvement targets aiming to reach the EMS Cooperative's five key performance indicators and the eight pre-requisites for EMS Performance Award Standards. Bhutan Post’s efforts have already been rewarded with an increase in inbound and outbound EMS volume since 2014 and also improvement in world ranking compared to other EMS operator's worldwide.  
Bhutan Post is committed to providing its customers with affordable and reliable international express mail service and the EMS service is already starting to meet the postal vision to enhance the well-being of the Bhutanese people.  
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