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International EMS supports a new Finland-Japan trade venture

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International EMS supports a new Finland-Japan trade venture

International EMS is being used to deliver e-commerce in a new trade initiative between Finland and Japan. 

In this innovative venture, leading Japanese e-retailer Rakuten has teamed up with Flying Lynx, a sales agent facilitating e-commerce to Asia, and Finland’s Posti, to provide Japanese customers access to Finnish products.

As the 4th largest e-commerce market in the world, Japanese consumers are increasingly shopping internationally in their online purchases. Leading Japanese e-commerce retailer Rakuten knows that Japanese people love Finnish design so they are offering Finnish traders access to the Japanese market of retailers almost 100 million buyers to sell their products. 

The cooperation with Posti allows Finnish companies to use international EMS package services, to ship their products to the consumer in Japan quickly in 3-4 days. 

This new venture is a major opportunity for Finnish online shops to expand easily to Japan.