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i-Care: new UPU international customer care system

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EMS Cooperative members are making continuous efforts to improve customer satisfaction. From 1 July EMS partners around the world are using i-Care, the new UPU international customer service system.

Following two years of investment by the EMS Cooperative, i-Care is ready to provide EMS members with the information needed to support international e-commerce customers.

Customers using international express mail expect excellent customer care. i-Care is a flexible solution that will improve EMS Cooperative customer care communication between the worldwide network of EMS partners.

The new system has been designed specifically to meet EMS Cooperative specifications. Over the last few months, over 450 customer care professionals have been trained on i-Care and are ready to take advantage of the system’s increased flexibility and are process EMS inquiries on behalf of international EMS customers.

EMS customer care experts have helped steer the system development and this process continues as new i-Care features suggested by members will be part of a new i-Care release planned for later this year.

i-Care is an exciting new development as its many enhancements will make international EMS inquiries faster and easier and so partners worldwide can respond to the EMS customer service needs.