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Global workshop on End-to-end and transport excellence

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EMS Cooperative Global Workshop

Global cross-border purchases are projected to increase annually by an average of 22% from 2015-2020. This is a huge opportunity for EMS Cooperative members to grow their international express business provided that they can meet customer expectations.  

Market research, coupled with competitive benchmarking, has shown that customers expect to track the progress of their EMS cross-border item and for it to delivered within 5, 6 or a maximum of 7 days for intercontinental shipments.  

To address this, 53 EMS Cooperative EMS experts and transport managers met in Berne for a Global Workshop with the objective to improve EMS end-to-end performance. The August event introduced to members a new end-to-end report and process that has been developed for EMS Cooperative members. 

Posts and stakeholders from around the world worked closely to share their expertise. During break-out groups, members collaborated on guidelines for setting competitive end-to-end standards and agreed on recommended approaches to improve leg 2 service performance. 

At the close of the workshop, attendees agreed that the EMS network took a giant leap forward toward meeting market needs for EMS end-to-end service excellence through the commitment by all members to set competitive standards and improve EMS service performance through closer collaboration with all stakeholders.