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Caymankind Global Express opening opportunities for SMEs

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Caymankind Global Express packaging

A small shop, Nim Things (Native Island Made Things) in Spot Bay, Cayman Brac was inspiration for a simple, cost-effective international shipping solution for cottage industries on the Cayman Islands. A new product Caymankind Global Express, which uses the EMS global network, now offers certainty of shipping costs, reliable service, and makes it easier to sell online to an international market.

The launch for Caymankind Global Express is a story of how small moments can inspire new connections. A visit by members of the Cayman Islands Postal Service to the small community of Spot Bay was the initial inspiration for the project. A shop, Nim Things, stocked unique gifts that showcase the resourcefulness and creativity of small communities. Its handcrafted gifts traditionally reached a small market due its remote location and the difficulty for international visitors to ship home their rare items. The postal service team asked themselves ‘What if there was a simple, cost-effective, shipping solution designed for cottage industries?’

Following this idea, the Cayman Islands Postal Service team set to work on a journey through months of data-gathering, package design and production, Cabinet approval and finally training of all counter staff on a product that did not follow the traditional weight and destination postage model.

From the beginning, the team knew that it needed to be unique and visually reflect the beauty of the Cayman Islands. So, they reached out to local experts - the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, who partnered to provide a box design that beckons, “Find your Caymankind.”

In November 2018, the result of the work was the launch of a new product Caymankind Global Express. Customer feedback has been positive, validating the vision of a customer-focused shipping solution. The simplicity of a product that offers a flat global rate is attractive and the time saved is worth paying a little more. But for most customers, the incentive is the distinctively Caymanian packaging.

A big challenge for postal operators is to retain relevance to their communities. To remain relevant, EMS operators must find inspiration and the means to connect with communities in new places. By using EMS, Caymankind Global Express is making it easier for Cayman Islands small enterprises to market their goods to a worldwide audience.