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20th Anniversary of the EMS Cooperative: the Year Ahead in 2019

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EMS Cooperative 20th Anniversary logo

2019 marks the anniversary of 20 years of excellence for the EMS Cooperative members who continue to cooperate to ensure that EMS meets delivery and customer care demands from its international e-commerce customers. 

As the fastest postal product, EMS combines speed with reliability, visibility and customer focus. During 2019, a new EMS reports tool, EMS SMART, will be launched and a new customer service system will be developed to bring additional value to all 181 members to assist their efforts to continuously improve service performance and customer responsiveness for a rapidly growing global market.  

The EMS Cooperative is committed to reaching 100% participation in EMS Pay-for-performance to help EMS operators improve their international express service. In addition, the new EMS Operational Guide allows EMS operators to easily access information about the EMS product offered by its international EMS partners in 198 countries and territories worldwide; more flexible access to information will allow operators to further improve EMS customer service.   

Many EMS events are planned for 2019. An important milestone is the EMS Cooperative General Assembly in March where members will gather in Berne, Switzerland to participate in a special 20th Anniversary celebration of the EMS Cooperative and a strategic forward look to the next 20 years. CEOs, Chairman and other top management from leading posts will share their lifetime success stories in growing the EMS business. 

During 2019, senior management will engage in high-level EMS symposia on the future direction of EMS tailored to the needs of each region. EMS Electronic Advance Data (EAD) workshops will be held in all regions to support EMS operators in their work strengthening their EMS service with particular focus on securing the network through efficient customs clearance processes to improve the speed and quality of service. In October, an EMS Global Workshop on Marketing and Sales Strategies will be held in Berne for all members in October to share best go-to-market strategies.  
2019 promises to be a busy year as work continues to help operators meet and surpass EMS customer expectations.