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EMS Algeria's marketing reconnecting with international customers

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Over the last two years, EMS operators have adapted solutions to assist members during the height of the pandemic. With the resumption of international flights and travel, many operators are looking for ways to reconnect with their international EMS customers and tailor specific marketing campaigns for their own customers. 

EMS Algeria shares their insights on how they have adapted their service and marketed EMS to meet today’s customer expectations:

EMS Algeria's Rihet L'bled promotion

EMS Algeria's marketing reconnecting with international customers

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt on all activities around the world. EMS Algeria put in place solutions to support customers throughout the pandemic. Following the total cessation of air and maritime transport, EMS Algeria set up agreements with companies specializing in Freight (Cargo), in order to maintain international trade.

Throughout the last few years, Algeria maintained its EMS marketing momentum. EMS Champion Post Algeria’s marketing plan focused on an effective and efficient presence of the EMS brand in multiple media channels including the web, the press and social media. EMS Champion Post, offers its services throughout the national territory through 345 points covering the 58 cities of Algeria, but also through 50 EMS sales agencies and 300 counters in post offices.

EMS Champion Post's fully integrated national network is responsible for all routing and distribution, thus guaranteeing traceability, security and speed in the processing of packages. This dynamic infrastructure puts it in first place among all operators operating in the domestic segment in Algeria. EMS Champion Post holds 31% market share in national trade and 15% in international trade with the second market share, operating with 05 international competitors, according to the latest 2020 annual report drawn up by the Algerian Postal Regulatory Authority.

Seasonal EMS marketing campaigns to build customer relationships

In 2022, EMS Champion Post Algeria relaunched the promotion "Rihet L'bled" for the holy month of Ramadhan. The promotion is for customers wishing to send 2 kg to 4 kg parcels internationally during this month of Ramadhan. The customer will have to pay only the price of 2 kg thus benefiting from the advantage of sending 2 kg free of charge. EMS Algeria customers are able to share with their loved ones products of the month of Ramadhan.

The Rihet L'bled" promotion was long awaited by our customers given the advantages it offers. Since 2018, the promotion has become a real tradition at EMS Algeria, with the scope of a real revival of EMS activity on an international scale.

EMS Champion Post communicated the campaign through many channels. Digital promotion, particularly social networks, remain very important in terms of proximity to the target clientele. It used animations and banners on the EMS and Algeria Post websites as well as a bulk SMS campaign with a mobile operator to inform our customers of the offer launch. The campaign was publicised using local media, the press, advertising radio spots, and appearances on national and regional radio broadcasts. Finally, more traditional promotions included the distribution of flyers and posters to display in 50 EMS agencies and 300 Post Offices (in several languages).

Innovations to drive EMS marketing success

As a national and international express courier operator, EMS Champion Post operates technological solutions to support its customers, including Tracking that follows items in real time. The company has not skimped on the means to modernize its IT platforms, parcel management systems have been updated to optimize interoperability with international operators, while ensuring fluid, faster and secure data processing.

Customer requests are managed via a modern call center, available to customers and partners 6/7 days as well as through its interactive website, including a price simulator. We have also implemented A new, easy-to-use mobile application has been implemented and is available in Android and IOS versions. At the same time EMS Champion Post have been working on a better presence on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram to provide the information and interact effectively, on time, with our customers.

New ecological packaging, better suited to customer needs, has been used for some time by Champion Post's services.

Working to develop the EMS network worldwide

EMS Champion Post’s marketing plan promotes the EMS service, providing customers with essential information, but also to guarantee the growth of exchanges between EMS Algeria and all the members of the EMS Cooperative through the development of the EMS network in nationally and internationally.

Finally, EMS Champion Post is always available to work actively with the members of the EMS Cooperative for the development of international activity and to reposition the EMS network as a major and essential player in express mail in the world. The exchange of experiences between members will certainly facilitate the development of all partners and will further unify practices while guaranteeing better profitability of the networks.