EMS Performance Award winners

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Award certificatePerformance Awards

The Cooperative's EMS Performance Awards recognise and reward outstanding EMS service.

The EMS Cooperative presents Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to operators that provide an excellent EMS service for worldwide partners in the EMS delivery network over a full year. The five key performance indicators are measured for each operator and then reviewed and confirmed by an independent third-party auditor. The level needed to gain an award was raised further in 2013 when the award criteria was changed to include eight new prerequisites.

2016 EMS Performance Awards recipients

Congratulations to the EMS Performance Award winners for 2016. 


Hong Kong (China); Korea (Rep.); Latvia; Malaysia; the Netherlands


Hungary (Rep.); Macao (China); Poland; Slovakia Thailand; United Arab Emirates; Viet Nam


Chile; Norway; Serbia (Republic of)

2016 EMS performance awards were presented at the 2017 EMS General Assembly in Berne.

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